Posted by: makaylaw89 | March 21, 2011

Allergy season is unfortunately here.

After enjoying my winter inside for the past few months, it is finally nice to open the windows and let the fresh air in, literally, meaning Spring is finally here.

All weekend I left my bedroom window open, drove with the windows down, and took walks with my baby nephew to take in the air before the pollen gets out of control.

For us allergy infected population, spring is our worst nightmare.  Itchy eyes, runny nose, constant sneezing with the hope of not buying the wrong medicine so we do not fall asleep in mid-day.  For me, after a week of the windows open, they shut right back up so I can actually get a good night of sleep without suffering from the allergy attacks even after the intense spring cleaning.   I have never been a victim of pollen until 5 years ago while my older brother has always suffered from it.

You can always point out the people in the crowd who goes through this annoying cycle year after year, they are the ones who look like they haven’t stopped crying for weeks on end, looking miserable just by being outdoors.

I hope you get to enjoy your spring, allergy free.



  1. You just wrote about my life. I love being outside and even though my throat is killing me, I am scratching my eyes out, and my nose is running like a faucet I manage to get through it. Thank goodness my allergy attract seems to only last for about a week, a week of absolute horror but at least only a week. I mean at least I am keeping the tissue industry in business.

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